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Tungsten Molybdenum Metal will be used in Advanced Aircraft Engine in China

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        Aircraft engine is referred to as "the pearl on the crown" in the modern industry, which is the heart of the aircraft. Under the environment of high temperature, pressure, speed rotating, the engine provides the power to aircraft. They are concentrated at the top of the modern industrial technology, the most advanced industrial achievements. Therefore, aeroengine’s development level is also a symbol of the country's comprehensive national strength, industrial foundation, science and technology. If a country has shortcoming in the technology, industrial, aviation engine, it will develop slowly. There are higher requirements for advanced aircraft engine research in China.
        After years of experience, we deeply feel that the aircraft engine is not only the design and manufacture, but also the test. There must be the trial and error. Spending more money can't buy the design, test, manufacturing, materials technology of the advanced aircraft engine. Our nation must unswervingly walk the road of independent innovation. At present, our country has been implemented nickel-based superalloy turbine blades, which can be in heat resistance, low temperature materials and no magnet aluminum manganese austenitic steel, and other field. The iron-based high-temperature alloy, chromium manganese nitrogen stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and iron manganese austenitic steel aluminum have become popular in the industrial production. Today, the new materials for aircraft engine research and development is imminent. Constant practice has proved that in order to guarantee the efficient operation of high temperature and high pressure, high speed rotating work environment, there must be in need of the new material about tungsten molybdenum.
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