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Tungsten Carbide Rod is the Cornerstone of Cutting Tool

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        According to statistics, China has become the largest machine tool consumer in the world, followed by Japan, the United States, Italy and so on. From the point of the production of cutting tool, the production of carbide cutting tools continue to grow in recent years. However, the HSS cutting tools show a trend of decline. The output of the carbide increase significantly, the main exporter is to Asia, followed by Europe, and then in North America and other regions. 

        High-speed processing is generally considered to be the main technology to increase production and reduce the manufacturing cost. Dry processing or the concept of minimal quantities of lubricant is the main goal of reducing the production cost. For cutting tool manufacturer and coating suppliers’ point, the most important thing is productivity. If the cutting performance(cutting speed, cutting quantity per unit time) is increased by 20%, the cost of manufacturing will be reduced by 15%. More and more strict requirements of processing need further development. Cutting tool material and the coating have to be improveed. The processing condition and the design should be improved.

        Experts believed that the cutting tool has entered the age of development represented by carbide. Compared with the high speed steel, the cemented carbide has better performance and higher cutting efficiency. With superhard materials, carbide can guarantee to realize modern cutting technology and efficient processing. If there is no good cutting tool material, the innovation of cutting tool and the progress of cutting process are lack of the necessary material base. Fundamentally, if we want to  solve the problem, the structure of industry must be adjusted. 
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