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Tungsten Carbide Parts

Tungsten carbide is widely used in industry because of its extraordinary properties. Because of its wear resistance and hardness (9.8 Moe's scale), tungsten carbide is ideally suited for wear parts, other machine parts and dies which are subject to severe service conditions, such as high temperatures, corrosion and abrasion.. In recent years, tungsten carbide has emerged as a superior alternative to steel in many industrial applications.

Grade Applications
YG4C For inserting the electrical and compressed air drill bits,used in geological prospecting, 
coal mining,suitable for drilling coal,unsilicified shale,salt rock and other formations;
Also for drilling medium hard sandstone,limestone and soft and hard rock interspersed 
YG8 For coring crowns,electrical coal drill bits,coal cutting picks used in geological prospecting,
coal mining.

For rotary rock drill bits for medium soft and medium hard rock;and for coal cutting picks for cutting of stone containing formations.
For tipping of bits for heavy rock drills and rotary hammer rock drills cutting hard rocks.
YG13C For making drill cone to drill hard and medium hard rock formation in oil field; also for
making rotary percussing drill bits and heavy duty drill bits.
YG15 High intension,lower wear-resistance.Suitable for making bits used in rotary machine 
and heavy rotary machine to drill hard and very hard rock formation
YG15C For making drill cone to drill all kinds of rock formation.
Suggestion: We would like to recommend suitable grade depending on your requirements.

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