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The price increase of tungsten bottlenecks A narrow trade in the short term

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Since the middle of this month, domestic tungsten raw material prices began to present a wave of rallies, but the back end product demand consumption is limited, most stock plan remain low, downstream high fear, tungsten price return shock stability situation recently.
Contrast on November 10, quotation, the price of the high grade black tungsten concentrate and APT rose nearly 8%.Have many years of experience personage points out, tungsten price rise faster, and have been there are traders said Wednesday shipment, downstream buying strength is insufficient, raw material prices continue to rise a bottleneck, is expected in the near future tungsten market can temporarily do not have the impulse, or slightly weak.
Tungsten concentrates on the market, low supply of tungsten ore prices to form strong, driven by mining in mindset is still strong, cheap shipment will is not strong, the downstream "buy or not to buy up" psychological made a slight boost market trading atmosphere recently, terminal market demand release is still limited, however, alloys and products companies offer follow-up fatigue, smelting vendors for the procurement of raw materials to the rational, market overall operations as needed.
Taken together, the current domestic tungsten market guidance, lack of effective information fundamentals remain see-saw stalemate, the short-term price of tungsten is expected to present a narrow situation, cautions against the rational market participants to fluctuations in the market.

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