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The Outlook of Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Antifriction Technology

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        Due to the structure characteristics of nanomaterials and the nature of the strong coherence, it shows a variety of features such as surface effect, size effect, superplasticity and so on. Althought tungsten carbide and ceramic has large hardness and toughness, they both belong to the family of the brittleness material. The ceramic material, in particular, because of its high brittleness, has prevented its application in all aspects of the promotion. In recent years, the success of a variety of high performance ceramics offers a new way to develop new type of nozzle. New type of high performance ceramics take the sub-micron and nanometer powders, whisker, chips, fiber, etc. Then it make the grain, grain boundary and the combination of the nanometer level. Under the low temperature, it can be sintered for high density and high strength. Products that made from coarse grain materials in the sintering temperature is generally lower than the temperature of 400°C. At  180°C, it can withstand bending deformation and cracks.

        In addition, some easy-solution and the miscibility of components can form a new materials at the nanoscale composite. To a certain extent, it can improve the material performance of hardness, toughness and wear resistance. When these techniques are widely used in the abrasive nozzle, it must make the development of water jet nozzle getting the new breakthrough.

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