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The Material of the Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools is very Important

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    The invention and application of carbide product is a landmark in the history of modern material. Known as "industrial teeth", the carbide cutting tools fully embody the human’ ability to transform the nature. With our country industrialization, information, urbanization process accelerating, the iron and steel, automobile, mining excavation, electronic information, transportation and energy industry have more demand for the high-performance carbide increasingly, especially the development of the high-tech weapons and equipment in the future. It will vigorously promote the high technology content and the demand of high-quality carbide alloy products, which will provide a good opportunity of China's cemented carbide industry.
    Currently, molybdenum is seen as the raw material of the carbide cutting tools which are paid more attention from the world's major economies. The recent national behavior of molybdenum proves the importance of the resource of the molybdenum. There is the world's largest rare metal spot exchange in Kunming. Cobalt tungsten (APT) and molybdenum is one of the earliest listed products. Since September 18, 2013, molybdenum got the extensive concern of the industry, which got many investors. The enterprises who produce the molybdenum tend to sale them in the exchange platform. Under the condition of the imbalance of market supply and demand at home and abroad, the trade platform played an important supporting role for the development of China's tungsten industry. Until July 25, 2014, the reserve of APT reached 16747 tons. At the meantime, the volume and the amount of the delivery are the world's first. In the long run, the reserve of the exchange platform is to ensure the carbide need of our national defense, advanced science and technology.
    In recent years, carbide cutting tools has been more and more widely used. In the field of high-speed cutting, due to the high-standard requirement of their security, reliability, durability, the inner and surface of the solid carbide cutting tools have more strict requirements about their quality. And with the unceasingly enhancing of the inner quality of the cemented carbide, especially the carbide rods, the quality of the surface of the solid carbide cutting tools catch more and more attention.
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