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The Dawn of Tungsten Metal Industry after Difficult Times

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Non-ferrous metal industry, as an important pillar industry of national economic development, has a wide range of terminal demand. Metal products such as copper and aluminum mainly involve infrastructure real estate, automotive home appliances, power cables and other industries, and zinc, lead, lithium and others involve zinc plating and lead acid. Metal industries such as batteries and new energy batteries.
Similarly, the strategic metal tungsten also belongs to non-ferrous metals and is an important non-renewable scarce resource. Tungsten is widely used in military industry, aerospace, mechanical processing, metallurgy, petroleum drilling, mining tools, electronic communications, construction and other fields; tungsten downstream products mainly include tungsten steel, tungsten materials, tungsten chemical industry and cemented carbide. Tungsten steel is a heat-resistant alloy steel with good high-temperature mechanical properties and is a basic industrial material; tungsten mainly includes tungsten wire, which is a key material in lighting, electronics and other industries; tungsten compounds can be used to make dyes, pigments, inks, Electroplating is also used as a catalyst and lubricant, etc .; tungsten carbide made with tungsten has ultra-high hardness and excellent wear resistance, used to make various cutting tools, knives, drills and wear-resistant parts.

After the outbreak of coronavirus, due to traffic control and the problem of enterprise recruitment, it is difficult for non-ferrous enterprises to resume work in a short time. It is also because there are many uncertainties in the production delays or terminal needs of non-ferrous enterprises. On the one hand, there is a shortage of raw materials, and the production is slow. On the one hand, the products cannot be delivered to downstream enterprises, which affects the operation of many enterprises.For the tungsten industry, a careful grasp of market supply and demand can better reflect the value of superior resources. Under the current spread of the international epidemic, companies are facing severe pressure on capital and demand. At this time, it is not wise to blindly expand production capacity or follow the trend of selling inventory. Only by rational judgment and accelerated industrial integration, transformation, and upgrade can we grasp Demand opportunities in the post-epidemic era.

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