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The Application of Tungsten alloy

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Tungsten alloy takes the tungsten materials as the base to join other elements. In metal, tungsten has the highest melting point, high temperature strength, creep resistance, thermal conductivity and electron emission performance. In addition that most are used in the manufacture of cemented carbide and alloy additive, tungsten and tungsten alloy are widely used in electronics, electric light source industry, aerospace, casting and so on. In recent years, with the development of scientific progress, more and more tungsten alloy materials have become the raw material of the military production. 
Tungsten alloy has replaced the lead on the military products, due to their high density. So they can better keep its shape even in extreme conditions. Although uranium can provide the comparable density, the radioactive substances have the special licensing requirements, which lead to the difficult processing. Tungsten alloy is a heavy metal materials of environmental protection. During the process of the use, there are no toxic substances. In the expansion of military industry, we also consider the impact on the environment after the use of the military weapon. The tungsten alloy environmental performance makes its advantage more and more prominent, such as tungsten alloy tail shell penetrator, submarine tungsten alloy counterweight, tungsten alloy engine parts and so on. One of the most typical example is the tungsten alloy ball, known as the smallest high density in the field of tungsten alloy ball. The tungsten alloy ball is used as a missile weapon of the projectile, armor-piercing and hunting devices, shotguns, prefabricated fragments, missile weapons, ammunition. 

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