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Mineral Cemented Carbide Drill Used In Basics

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First, the factors of choice for the grade of the cemented carbide drill

1. Physical and mechanical properties of rock, such as hardness, friction and its nature characteristics, such as density, cracks, joints, caves and so on. The basic principle: the harder the chiseled rock, the better the toughness of the selected alloy sheet, but should not be too soft, that is not to pay attention to wear resistance should not be too low, because the soft will increase the consumption of the alloy, but also reduce the drilling efficiency ; On the cracks in many rock form, regardless of its hardness and the use of what type of rock drill, should be used cross-shaped drill head.

2. Rock drill model

3. Broken rock method

4. Equipment capacity

In the case of

Second, the choice of mining carbide scraper type

K0-type alloy sheet for the side of the weld-type brush-type word drill and a single-shaped drill bit used, the diameter of 25 to 49 mm. Some models can be used to set the center of the large diameter drill bit.

K048 and K049 alloy sheet for high friction rock.

K1-type alloy sheet for the installation of a variety of diameters and cross-shaped drill head.

The penetration efficiency of the inks is higher than that of the cross-shaped drill bits, but the cross-shaped drill head can withstand a large load.

One type of drill bit for the homogeneous variety of hardness rock formation, rock drill impact of not more than 6 kg / m. Chisel high hardness of the rock, it should use a cross-shaped drill head.




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