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Ground Straight Rods

The advantage of the ground straight rods
1. Material: 100% virgin raw material with submicron grain size;
2. Grade: Various grades for choice;
3. With strict tolerance extent control, the tolerance can reach +/-0.01mm;
4. Precision Ground and polished;
5. Product Types available: Blank rods, ground rods, thread rods, rod with one hole;
6. High wear resistance, high hardness and impact toughness;
7. Advanced technology, automatic pressing, HIP sintering and precision grinding;
8. Having very good mechanical &chemical stability;
9. High quality & reasonable price & fast delivery & best service.
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YG8 Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts Solid Rods Ground Finished for Wear Resistance


Tungsten carbide rods are mostly applied for end mill and drill with sub-micron grain grade YG10X, for non-ferrous precision cutting and wood cutting with Sub-micron grain grade YG6X, and for fibreglass reinforced plastics, titanium alloys, hardened steel with Ultra-fine grain grade YG8X, ect. 

Brief Introduction of Carbide Solid Rods:


Standard Available: GB, ANSI etc.

Recommended Grade for tungsten carbide rod: YG6, YG8, YG6X, YG012, YG013, YG8A etc

Tungsten carbide rod applications include drill bits, end mills, and reamers. Custom diameters and length are also available in these grades as well as metric sizes

Spcecification:  φ3--30mm   Length: 330mm
Advantages of Tungsten Carbide Rods:


100% raw material.
Size standard as per your requirements
Professional suggestion on products
Fully adopted in advance technology and equipment
Professional manufacture for tungsten carbide items
Fully adopted in advance technology and equipment
Quality Control System and strict inspection
Dimensions and Tolerance of Standard Carbide Rods Blanks:


Dimension & Tolerance

D diameter (mm)

L1 Length〔mm〕

L2 Length〔mm〕

D Diameter Tolerance

L Length Tolerance

Dia. 1mm – 4mm



+0.15 ~ +0.60

+0.00 ~ +10.00

Dia. 5mm – 10mm

+0.20 ~ +0.70

Dia. 11mm- 35mm

+0.25 ~ +0.80


D Diameter 〔mm〕

D Diameter Tolerance 〔mm〕

L Length 〔mm〕

L Length Tolerance〔mm〕


+0.15 ~ +0.60


+0.00 ~ +3.00


+0.00 ~ +3.50


+0.20 ~ +0.70


+0.00 ~ +(L×3%)


+0.25 ~ +0.80



Carbide Rods Material Grades:





Good hardness and normal strength, for drawing of steel and non-ferrous metal and alloy bars or tubes under the condition of higher Stress.


High wear resistance and high hardness,for drawing of steel wires and non-ferrous metal wires or alloy bars under low-stress condition.


High wear resistance and high hardness,for drawing and straightening steels,non-ferrous metal and alloy bars and tubes; And for fabricating of machine parts,tools and wear parts,such as nozzles,centres,guiding devices,upsetting dies and perforating tools.


Good strength and impact toughness; suitable for plates,bars,saws,seal rings,tubes etc. And it is one of the most popular grade for wear parts.


High Strength and impact toughness, but lower hardness and wear resistance.For drawing steel rools and pipes under high stress condition;And also for upsetting dies and perforating tools under higher impact loading.


Used as wear parts,sheets and some mechanical components.


Fine-grained alloy, good wear resistance and high strength.It is one of the most popular grade for rods,bars,tubes and other wear parts, which need high wear resistance and good cautery resistance and low impact toughness.


Fine grain grade. Excellent wear resistance, high in strength and impact resistance. Suitable for rough machining of cast iron,non-ferrous metals,nonmetallic materials and heavy cutting.


Good wear resistance and cautery resistance, high strength and fine impact toughness. Suitable for the submarine oil pump parts such as bushes and sleeves with excellent impact toughness.

Suggestion: We would like to recommend suitable grade depending on your machining materials.


Rods With Two Straight Coolant Holes application
1. Cutting Tool Industry
2. PCB Tools
3. Dies, Punches
4. Blades, drills, end mill and reamers, core pins, hole drilling tools
5. Paper Industry
6. Polymer Extrusion
7. Gear Cutting
8. Other Wear Parts 
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