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Excavating Bits

Cemented Tungsten carbide is a hard material composed of a metal matrix composite where carbide particles act as the aggregate and a metallic binder serves as the matrix. It is one of the most successful composite engineering materials ever produced. Its unique combination of strength, hardness and toughness satisfies the most demanding applications.
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Cemented Tungsten Carbide Mining Fittings Oilfield Fittings For Drill / Excavator


Cemented Tungsten Carbide Oilfield Fittings are widely used in mining and quarrying and cutting process, also may be placed on a heavy excavators used in bit due to its high hardness of the cemented carbide and other characteristics 


Cemented Tungsten carbide is a hard  material composed of a metal matrix composite where carbide particles act as the aggregate and a metallic binder serves as the matrix. It is one of the  most successful composite engineering materials ever produced. Its unique combination of strength, hardness and toughness satisfies the most demanding applications. 
There has been a rapid development in tungsten carbide mining and stone cutting tools, with improved performance which has led to the increasing substitution of steel tools by cemented carbide tools, in particular in the oil industry. Notably, the use of very coarse grained hardmetals is growing in this application area. 
Discription of Tungsten Carbide Oilfield Fittings:


Sealing: good and durable

Pressure:105 Mpa

Size: Various size,Custom-made available, accept customized drawing or sample
Hardness: about 90HRA 


Carbide Oilfield Fittings Advantages:


To repeat repair & greaning are not necessary, long drill life.

Labour intensity could be reduced.

High wear resistance and impact-resistance.
High efficiency could be promoted sharply in penetration of high-medium hard rock formation.


Recommended Material Grade for Tungsten Carbide Oilfield Fittings





For inserting the electrical and compressed air drill bits,used in geological prospecting,coal mining,suitable for drilling coal,unsilicified shale,salt rock and other formations;Also for drilling medium hard sandstone,limestone and soft and hard rock interspersed formations.


For coring crowns,electrical coal drill bits,coal cutting picks used in geological prospecting,coal mining.


For rotary rock drill bits for medium soft and medium hard rock;and for coal cutting picks for cutting of stone containing formations.


For tipping of bits for heavy rock drills and rotary hammer rock drills cutting hard rocks.


For making drill cone to drill hard and medium hard rock formation in oil field;also for making rotary percussing drill bits and heavy duty drill bits.


High intension,lower wear-resistance.Suitable for making bits used in rotary machine and heavy rotary machine to drill hard and very hard rock formation


For making drill cone to drill all kinds of rock formation.

Suggestion: We would like to recommend suitable grade depending on your requirements.


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