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Cultural Originality Promote Tungsten Industry Transition

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    Recently, located in the central city of Ganzhou Travel Ltd. crafts exhibition, display mineral crystal specimens and tin crafts attracted visitors stop to watch. A matchbox-sized tungsten tin ore if as industrial raw materials, the price but the hundred or so, and was made ​​into mineral crystal specimens, its price has reached several thousand dollars.
    It is understood Dayu County tungsten and non-ferrous metal processing enterprises clever play "culture", the mineral processing and clever fusion of cultural creativity, opened up a new industrial development path. Currently, tungsten and non-ferrous metal of the county are processing enterprises and selling domestic production of handicrafts, which are exported to Southeast Asia and the Middle East, the annual output value exceeding 400 million yuan. Tungsten and non-ferrous metal processing industry is a pillar of DayuCounty, the county also has a plum off the ancient post road, Peony Pavilion hometown, the birthplace of Chinese Science and many other historical and cultural card. In recent years, tourism Donghong Crafts Co., Jingwei Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd., Jincheng Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd., as a representative of a group taking advantage of the traditional enterprise, breaking the traditional mineral processing concept, tungsten, tin and other nonferrous metals useful features and modern civilization, environmental protection, cultural and creative organic fusion, the Peony Pavilion stories, historical figures, Zodiac crafts and other cultural and creative integration, thus developed a series of rich culture pewter vases, tin wine , tungsten, gold decorations.

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