tungsten copper tungsten alloy tungsten carbide
tungsten copper tungsten alloy tungsten carbide
tungsten copper tungsten alloy tungsten carbide
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Sales OfficeHubei Fotma Machinery Co.Ltd established in 2004 as a combined  group engaged into manufacturing  and exporting of Non-Ferrous Metals, Agricultural Machinery and Instruction Machinery etc.  In 2005, our factory established in Zigong Sichuan P.R which is a professional manufacturer of cemented carbide products and finished machining for the tungsten & molybdenum products. We mainly focus on cemented carbide products, and the tungsten & molybdenum and other products as the salutary complementarities. We're good at producing different kinds of customized carbide tools for both mining and cutting, wear parts, blades and inserts......
  • Feb
    Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod Process

    Tungsten alloy swaging rods are tungsten alloy products manufactured by forging tungsten alloy rods. After a series of thermomechanical treatments, this kind of bar can greatly improve its mechanical properties and is widely used in military, transportation, medical and other fields.The current tung

  • Dec
    High Density Tungsten Alloy for Shielding Wall

    High specific gravity tungsten alloy can be simply understood as an alloy with tungsten as the main raw material. Because of its high density (16.5-19.0g/cm3), it is called high specific gravity tungsten alloy or high Density tungsten alloy. The reason why tungsten alloy is used as the shielding mat

  • Dec
    Tungsten Alloy Marine Counterweight

    Tungsten alloy, also known as high specific gravity tungsten alloy, is considered by everyone to be the best material for marine counterweights due to its advantages of higher density, greater tensile strength, and better corrosion resistance. The design purpose of the tungsten alloy marine counterw

  • Nov
    Advantages of Cemented Carbide Indexable CNC Tool

    Cemented carbide indexable CNC tools are tools used for cutting in mechanical manufacturing, also called cutting tools. In a broad sense, cutting tools include both cutting tools and abrasive tools; at the same time, "carbide CNC cutting tools" include not only cutting blades, but also accessories s

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