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Sales OfficeHubei Fotma Machinery Co.Ltd established in 2004 as a combined  group engaged into manufacturing  and exporting of Non-Ferrous Metals, Agricultural Machinery and Instruction Machinery etc.  In 2005, our factory established in Zigong Sichuan P.R which is a professional manufacturer of cemented carbide products and finished machining for the tungsten & molybdenum products. We mainly focus on cemented carbide products, and the tungsten & molybdenum and other products as the salutary complementarities. We're good at producing different kinds of customized carbide tools for both mining and cutting, wear parts, blades and inserts......
  • Jan
    Tungsten Alloy Shielding Materials will be used for Boeing

    It is reported that Boeing will release the nuclear power laser engine used in the plane in the future. The main principle is for the use of high energy laser fusion reaction with radioactive material, which produce energy and form the plane driving force. If the experiment is successful,

  • Dec
    Tungsten Welding Electrodes

    The tungsten electrode used in gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) is a consumable. It serves merely as the terminal for the electric arc which produces the heat needed to join the base metal being welded. Filler metal may sometimes be added to the weld pool, depending on base metal thickness, joint des

  • Dec
    Carbide Milling Insert

    Cemented carbide milling insert is made of carbide alloy. If you want to know the carbide milling insert, you have to know what is cemented carbide firstly. Tungsten carbide takes the WC and TIC as the main ingredients. And tungsten carbide takes cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni), and molybdenum (Mo) a

  • Dec
    Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools has become an Important Industry

    Recently, the various areas of high-manufacturing technology of our country requires more about the cutting tools. For example, the cutting tools used in the car must have the characteristic of the high effectiveness, stability and specialization. At the meantime, there will be more high deman

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